The faces of FitzGibbon Media

Trevor FitzGibbon


Office: 202-695-8158
Mobile: 202-406-0646

Trevor is President and founder of FitzGibbon Media Inc – providing domestic and global campaign and communication strategy for cutting edge progressive advocacy initiatives and whistleblowers. With his home base in Virginia on the Rappahannock River, Trevor oversees offices in NYC, DC, San Francisco, Athens, GA, and London, England. He has worked with a “who’s who” of the progressive movement.

As Daniel Ellsberg, who released the Pentagon Papers, stated, “FitzGibbon Media embodies the spirit of the first amendment, and no firm in the country has worked harder or more effectively to promote and support those patriotic whistleblowers who have courageously spoken out to preserve individual freedoms and rights… what America stands for.”

Currently, much of his time is spent supporting civil rights and local voices in Ferguson, promoting common sense gun law reforms, holding the White House accountable for its drone and targeted assassinations program and pushing for congressional reforms of the NSA’s global surveillance programs.

FitzGibbon has placed clients in front of a wide range of audiences on shows including “60 Minutes”, “This Week”, and “The Daily Show” and helped drive the PR strategy for two Oscar nominated documentaries, Dirty Wars and The Invisible War.

Whether it’s working with Pussy Riot and Amnesty International, engineering campaigns with R.E.M., Trent Reznor and Tom Morello to speak out against torture or orchestrating the international media strategy to eliminate nuclear weapons, FitzGibbon Media has effectively injected clients into the international news cycle time and time again.

He loves to cook, listen to Sonic Youth and play with his baby girl, Audrey.

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