The faces of FitzGibbon Media

Molly Haigh

Senior Director of Media Relations

Mobile: 907-750-1999

Molly Haigh is a veteran strategist who has lead dozens of political and issue based campaigns to success.

Most recently, Molly worked with UltraViolet forcing Reebok to drop the rapper Rick Ross over his controversial statements about rape. The three-week campaign forced the issue of rape culture into the national spotlight, cost Rick Ross a $5 million contract, and garnered nearly 3,000 stories in outlets ranging from TMZ to the New York Times and The View.

Molly helped manage Van Jones’ media presence through Rebuild the Dream before he joined CNN, and has trained hundreds of people—from sexual assault survivors to people living on the minimum wage to climate activists—on successfully communicating with the press.

Prior to Fitzgibbon Media, Molly worked at, an international organization building a movement to stop climate change. Molly’s background is in organizing; in 2010 she directed field efforts across the Alaska road system for Senate Candidate Scott McAdams. She originally hails from Fairbanks, AK.

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