The faces of FitzGibbon Media

Molly Haigh

Senior Director of Media Relations

Mobile: 907-750-1999

Molly Haigh works at the intersection of grassroots organizing and communications. From training grassroots spokespeople to building winning campaigns, Molly specializes in amplifying the voices of the progressive movement in the press.

Most recently Molly worked with UltraViolet creating a campaign that pressured Reebok to drop the rapper Rick Ross over his controversial lyrics and statements about rape. The three-week campaign cost Rick Ross a five million dollar sponsorship and garnered nearly 3,000 stories in the press ranging from TMZ to the New York Times to The View and forced rape culture into the national spotlight.

Prior to Fitzgibbon Media, Molly worked at, where she created the group’s first ever grassroots media program, training local media coordinators across 100 cities. She also has a background in LGBTQ rights, immigration reform, reproductive justice, HIV/AIDS education, and Democratic campaigns.

Molly got her start in politics as a kid in her home state of Alaska, knocking on doors for progressive candidates with her family.

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