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The results

Sir Paul McCartney, Pearl Jam, R.E.M, Yoko Ono, Serj Tankian, Ken Stringfellow, Ozomatli, and The Posies shared the Global Zero PSA, “An Idea that Changed the World” featuring Michael Douglas throughout their social networks – reaching an audience of more than 13 million across Twitter, Facebook and across various media outlets. Buzz from the viral video helped secure a meeting between Global Zero and the White House.

The bigger picture


“FitzGibbon Media has been critical to the success and strategy of Global Zero. Whether recruiting and working with musicians such as Dave Matthews and Pearl Jam to getting our spokespeople on The Daily Show, BBC or in the New York Times, FitzGibbon delivers. They have a striking knowledge of the domestic and international news cycles, timing, and how to frame campaigns to help build a movement and win.”

- Matt Brown
Global Zero Co-Founder


On April 5, 2009, a newly inaugurated President Barack Obama delivered an address, now known as the ‘Prague Speech,’ announcing “concrete steps” the Obama Administration would take to move towards the elimination of nuclear weapons. Four years later (three months into President Obama’s second term), Global Zero needed to increase public awareness of nuclear proliferation and mobilize support for the plan to reduce nuclear arms the President laid out in his Prague Speech.


Our objective was simple: mobilize artists through FitzGibbon Media’s Artist Action Team and their partnerships throughout the creative space to garner shares for the PSA with as many people as possible. The public showing of support for arms reduction would remind the White House that the public supported those goals President Obama had set out in his groundbreaking Prague Speech four years earlier. Additionally, FitzGibbon Media strategists identified avenues through the PSA campaign to increase Global Zero’s name recognition with artists in order to more deeply engage them in future campaigns.



By creating relationships built to last rather than one-off efforts, FitzGibbon Media’s Artist Action Team sought to prime the way for continued engagement by artists for future Global Zero campaigns. For more than two months, the Artist Action Team, working closely with Global Zero, reached out to artists and their management; introduced them to Global Zero’s mission; educated them on the issues related to the campaign surrounding the anniversary of the Prague Speech and provided them with sample messaging to post on their social media profiles. The Artist Action Team then worked with prospective and interested artists to share the PSA with their followers, across multiple platforms, to give the PSA as far a reach as possible.

PaulMcCartneyTwittershot 2013-04-25 at 10.40.45 AM


  • The Artist Action Team secured high-profile partnerships with artists, including Pearl Jam, Tom Morello, Ozomatli, R.E.M., Serj Tankian, Ken Stringfellow, the Posies, Yoko Ono, and Sir Paul McCartney, to share Global Zero’s “An Idea That Changed the World” PSA with an online audience of more than 13 million supporters;
  • The video and artists’ posts were Liked 2,908 times and Shared 519 times on Facebook, Favorited 366 times on Twitter, and Tweeted 877 times.  R.E.M.’s Facebook post alone was seen by 125,590 people, while Sir Paul McCartney’s received 1,568 Likes and 190 Shares;
  • The increased public awareness and support around the Prague Speech anniversary helped secure a meeting with White House national security advisor Ben Rhodes, a huge step forward in fulfilling the President’s promises on nuclear arms reduction;
  • The PSA was played on MSNBC’s Morning Joe and Current’s Viewpoint, alongside interviews with Global Zero’s spokesperson Valerie Plame, and it garnered additional print coverage.